Spring has finally arrived and we are glad to announce that we have settled into our new facility comfortably after a little more than a year.

Thanks to our valued patients and staff, we did not encounter any major transitional problems. Although there were hiccups at times, we appreciate and thank all of our existing and new patients for being so accommodating while we tried to work through the logistics.

Adela, our front desk pillar was away for almost two months around Christmas and New Year and she is now back, refreshed and more committed. We thank her for her good work.

As for me, I look forward to the warmer weather and the start of the dragon boat season. Time to shed a few pounds!

Spring brings new beginnings. Flowers start to bloom, birds fly home from the south chirping with joy. April is also special because Easter is around the corner, it is a season to celebrate. That is why in every April, we offer teeth whitening procedure at a reduced price to all our current and new patients. Please enquire and take advantage of this special offer.